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Glitter your eyes for the town

ils ont tué ta poésie et ma lune,
... drowned it in wine

Music Will Save You From Nothing But Silence

undulating inside his dreary head
i wanted a word for every feeling;
i longed for silence.

his head was the perfect place to never be found again

it was as if 
his whole existence was bound by a strange affinity with failure;
that charming way of being he’d been given-
destined to always fail
and never cease to amaze me. 

last night i went to the future
and it was still that same i’m living since you went.


it seems that, whatever i’m about to burst into
takes her time scribbling
and sniffing over the new-born
as if, pieces of us were yet to be slipped through ovaries
into the void of fetuses.
and here i am
lightyears far from what you’ve become
still folding in the swamp of my womb
shaping her edges.

as long as invisibility is your worst desire and fear
it’ll never happen
rest assure   

self portrait in e-minor

i had to cheat myself to stay awake the whole night, last night
because the guy i was playing virtual chess with
wouldn’t stop saying “for real ? “
and i desperately needed to prove myself
you’re not the only reason i don’t sleep for anymore.

what i want is a time machine
so i can travel back and reinvent mirrors.  

the 1st of each month

tired atm’s
and piled up bills on my father’s desk.
No bike,
no roses for me,
not a single word from you since October 2010; 
The perm of my hair is washed to brown and
the jerk’s unleashed on Marshall Tito boulevard keep calling me
little red riding hood.


Like Pound i was
angry when they spoke your name in ordinary places ! 
to think of how
ordinary you were
alone or not
Sunday or
Nothing but silence knew how
to undulate you into something

Nº. 1 of  15
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